Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Reading today's Daily OM reminded me that maybe some of you may not do this and it is so so beneficial and can at times save you from unneeded harm.

Every one of us has a group of light workers in spirit that watch over and can help us if we ask them to. They cannot assist us if we do not ask them however. 

When I work I call in my spirit guides, healer guides, guardians, ancestors, ancients, ascended masters, angels, archangels, and saints. Depending on the work I am doing I may call in some or all of my helpers.

You may choose who you call in. If you work more with angels call them in. If you work with your spirit guides call them in. The shaman work I do calls for a wide variety of helpers who assist me. When you are in need to protection, help, assistance, healing, call them in. The more you work with them the more you feel comfortable calling them in. 

There are times when we may want or need to surround ourselves with our entire group of watchful protectors. If there are times when you need healing by all means call them in and ask for healing. They will happily do so IF YOU ASK THEM TO.

In teaching healing I teach to learn who your guides are, who your helpers are and call them in. They will teach you, work through you, and protect you in every situation. When you make the commitment to do healing work (and mediumship is healing and healing is mediumship) your guides will happily step up to help you teach you and assist you in every way they can.

And I always always remember that the healing I do is my guides and their infinite wisdom. I am merely the conduit. I am always grateful and thank them each and every single time for letting me do this work and for my Light Workers working through me.


NancyCreek Lady Healer.