Friday, February 21, 2014



It was the morning of the full moon. I woke up about 4am and opened my records. I was told I was purging. This is what I got.

You are still purging, clearing.
When you have these feelings and get these dreams say a prayer and purge these feelings.
You are through your dreams revisiting all your old demons once and for all.
Let them go. Release them.
Be kind to people during this time of release.
Rest, be kind to yourself.
Today of all days is a great day of change.
The earth's pull is strong

So...on the evening of the full moon I went and took a stomp dance class. It was mesmerizing and meditative and helped clear my mind. The teacher talked about how the Creek people were all about love. Amazing.



Food for Thought

Before we left Padre, Cathy happened to put a large water bottle on the back seat instead of in the seat pocket.  While traveling on our trip we were hungry and were led to the Blue Bonnet Cafe. Which happened to make gorgeous cream pies which happened to catch our eye even tho I don't eat sweets and Cathy doesn't eat dairy. So we took it to go and I put the pie on the floor behind Cathy's seat. During a quick brake for a stop light the bottle rolled off the seat onto the floor and shoved the pie way over out of our reach eventually causing us to have to pull over to get the pie. Which I didn't want to do because I was making really good time and there was virtually no traffic.

Not too far past our stop on the side of the road we came into the next community and came upon a wreck where a car traveling in the same direction we were had apparently hit a dog in the road, killing the dog and causing another car to hit them.

Stopping to get the pie made us pause just long enough to avoid the accident.

I'm not keen on the word coincident...are you?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


In one of my last meditations I went to visit my ancestors. My Mom came and took me to visit everyone.  There were people as far as I could see.  All Family. They told me I was my own dream catcher and proceeded to place me in the center of the circle with my immediate family's right hands on my shoulder and their left on their right elbow.  Then going out from me by relations were circle after circle after circle of family with their right hands on the shoulder of the person in front of them and their left hand on their right elbow.

It made the most beautiful dream catcher ever! And it was endless.

My most recent meditation i was met by my Mom again and walked out to meet with my ancestors. We had a good visit and they talked about the work I do and I spoke with the council of Spirit.  We had a good visit and they gave me lots of information about the time to come.

When we finished they encircled me again but this time they criss crossed hands, with me holding one person's hand (I believe it was my Mom).  Then they proceeded to do a friendship dance (plains people call it a snake dance. White people call it crack the whip but we do it very smoothly and calmly.  We wound around and around and I came out by the bridge to come back home and they then let go of my hand and continued to dance on and away.  It was beautiful!

I am so blessed to be part of such a rich heritage of people.  

Love and Light,
Creek Lady Healer
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