Friday, February 21, 2014



Food for Thought

Before we left Padre, Cathy happened to put a large water bottle on the back seat instead of in the seat pocket.  While traveling on our trip we were hungry and were led to the Blue Bonnet Cafe. Which happened to make gorgeous cream pies which happened to catch our eye even tho I don't eat sweets and Cathy doesn't eat dairy. So we took it to go and I put the pie on the floor behind Cathy's seat. During a quick brake for a stop light the bottle rolled off the seat onto the floor and shoved the pie way over out of our reach eventually causing us to have to pull over to get the pie. Which I didn't want to do because I was making really good time and there was virtually no traffic.

Not too far past our stop on the side of the road we came into the next community and came upon a wreck where a car traveling in the same direction we were had apparently hit a dog in the road, killing the dog and causing another car to hit them.

Stopping to get the pie made us pause just long enough to avoid the accident.

I'm not keen on the word coincident...are you?