Sunday, October 9, 2022



Now is the time the weather is colder and animals are beginning their process into winter, storing food, growing thicker coats, finding places to hibernate.

Leaves are falling, shedding their summer colors for the fall and bracing for winter.  The spoons inside persimmons are forecasting a snowy winter.  

Monday is Indigenous Peoples Day.  We natives will all be celebrating our heritage and remembering the traumas and deaths our families and loved ones have endured in our ancestry.  We also celebrate our resilience.  We natives who are here in this lifetime are the result of the natives the government wasn't able to kill.

We have become a world of all nations all races and all belief systems.  This is a time in our lives we must all work together to create a world of peace.  

We are also emerging from the life during COVID.  This pandemic hit the entire world.  Through this pandemic we lost a lot of people.  I personally lost a lot of friends and loved ones.  I found my tolerance being sorely tested.  And for the first time in a long time I was scared.

Being a healer does not negate you from human feelings, fears and judgments.  But we must understand that these are human experiences and get through those and return to the journey of healing.

I have not stopped healing.  If nothing else I feel I have done more healing during COVID than before.  I have gathered together a group of healers to deal with all the issues of healing.  I have also gathered together mediums and healers to build a community so we as humans know that we as healers and mediums are not alone.  We have like minded people who care about each other and want the best for those of us who have committed to this healing journey.

Now that we are headed deep into the BER months, remember to reach out to each other.  Check on those you haven't heard from lately.  Make sure your circle of friends and family are okay.  And think about why you are still here?  What is it that you are put on this earth in this lifetime to do?  And go forward with your journey.  

Creek Lady Healer