Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ancestors Meditation Waimanalo Beach

Ancestors Meditation Waimanalo Beach

Feel the energy of the ocean
Feel the energy of the water
Absorb this energy for your medicine
We give this to you.

The water is your Mother
The wind your Ancestors
The sun is your Father
Grandfather is the sky.

Feel the sand beneath your feet
Walk along the waters edge
You are home.

The creatures on this earth
Know the story
Know the secrets
Of creation.

This is the place you've come.
To rejuvenate your soul
This is the place at the end of the earth
This is the place you call home.

Aloha e
You are home.

Do not be sad to leave this place
You have found her
And your brothers and sisters
You've found home.

In an ancient time
You were a man, a cliff diver
The ocean spoke to you
As it speaks to you now.

The wind in your hair
The salt on your skin
The ancestors speak to you
Words of love.

The Blues of the ocean
The Blues of the sky
Calm your soul
You are home

Aloha e
You are home.