In doing the work of a healer Nancy works closely with her spirit guides, healer guides, family in spirit, ancestors, ancients and ascended masters. 

In a mediumship reading Nancy will work through her guides to bring you messages from your family and friends who wish to communicate with you. 

In a Spirit Guide assessment Nancy works with her spirit guides to communicate with your guides to give you vital information regarding your present and future path. 

In an Akashic Records reading Nancy will work with her guides and the Ascended Masters to access your records.  Whether you want guidance and inspiration from your guides or messages about your past present or future Nancy will bring you those messages.

In a healing session (Inca Shaman Healing, Native American Healing and Reiki Healing) Nancy is guided by spirit to heal in what ever way is necessary to heal your issues. Nancy uses stones, her medicine bag crystals, sage, cedar, sweetgrass, tobacco, and the energy of healers in spirit and prayer. Nancy works to heal anything that is housed in the luminous energy field (your aura). Nancy works to heal mental, spiritual, emotional and physical. You must be ready to be healed and willing to accept it. Everything (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is housed in the luminous energy field both from this life and past lives.

Vision Journeys
In soul retrieval discover the source of your original wounding; understand the contracts made, sometimes even before you were born; claim your passion and bliss; and discover the Soul treasures that we can bring into the world. In addition, bring back a power animal to help protect the soul part brought home.

In destiny retrieval, we link to a desired future instead of following a path thought up for us by our family and culture. We turn our limiting beliefs into bringing healing and beauty into our lives and the lives of those around us.


Shaman Healing
2 hours
Can include  a soul retrieval or destiny retrieval or spirit guide assessment
3 hours
This must be done separately from any other session and will include a shaman healing.
Healings may be done in person or remote.  Healings are 2 hour minimum and must be paid in advance.

Reiki Healing
1 hour
Dedicated Reiki Healing Session. Reiki Healings may be done in person or remote.  Reiki Healings are 1 hour and must be paid in advance. 

Mediumship Reading
Spirit Guide Assessment
Akashic Records Reading
1 hour each
Readings may be done in person, via email, or skype. Readings must be paid in advance.  1 hour session in person or via skype or phone.



Full Moon Fire Ceremonies
(Performed at sunset on a full moon)  This beautifully majestic ceremony honors the ancestors and grandmother moon and cleanses your soul. Using all four elements we sing the setting sun and the rising full moon with the coyotes howling along with our songs. After our ceremony we give thanks and have food and fellowship.

Spirit Circles
Feel the amazing power and energy of sitting in the power of spirit and receive messages from your guides and from loved ones.  And messages Nancy receives from her Guides, Ancestors, Ancients and Ascended Masters.

Akashic Records Gatherings
Gather your friends and ask questions from your Akashic Records.  Nancy will open the records of everyone in the room that would like to ask a question and will answer your questions.

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