Thursday, March 12, 2015



A Spirit Circle is a group of people (Shamans, Healers, Mediums, Psychics and students) who are working to raise their vibrational levels to be able to go beyond the limitations of this physical world to connect with Spirit such as loved ones, guides, angels, archangels or ascended masters.

When some people see the phrase Spirit Circle they think "séance" instead of Spirit Circle, in truth there is nothing to be afraid of but the fears of your own imagination, or the fears of others. As we increase our light in knowledge, wisdom and love, we overcome all fears.

Typically in Spirit circles those who are experienced with spiritual "sittings", "channelings" and "readings" will be able to give messages.  And although this sometimes may happen in our Spirit Circle these circles are "working circles" where everybody participates.

We do Spirit Circles to increase our ability to connect with Spirit.  We also do this work in a Spirit Circle to be able to blend our energies with each other and that of Spirit to experience a stronger energy and be able to know that stronger energy to work toward experiencing that energy on our own.  

Those of us who who are already working healers and mediums or those who are working to become healers and mediums use this time to receive our own messages from our guides, angels or masters to facilitate our growth in our abilities and messages to help us in our journeys.

And since we also like to have fun this is also a time for getting together and visiting and enjoying each other's company.  So in the realm of get togethers we also do a potluck dinner.  First we eat, then we sit in meditation and then we sit in the power of Spirit and receive our own messages.  And then because my main mission in life is healing we do healing for ourselves and send healing out to the world.

To all those who have asked for healing from me in the past, or who are asking for healing from me now or will ask for healing from me in the future if you are open and ready to receive healing I send you healing now.  

Creek Lady Healer.  Mvto!


Talking With Spirit
Mediumship Gallery

An evening of Messages
from Loved Ones in Spirit

Definitions of the "lingo"

When people call me they are usually already confused as to what my gatherings are and what it is they will experience. So I am going to explain the verbage so you will understand.

What is a Medium?

A Medium is a person who has the ability to talk with Spirit, people in the spirit world, people who have crossed over, your loved ones in Spirit. So when I refer to Spirit that is who I am talking about.

What is a Mediumship Reading?

A Mediumship Reading is a reading with a Medium where you talk with your loved one in Spirit.

What is a Gallery?

  • Definition of a Gallery: a balcony, especially a platform or upper floor, projecting from the back or sidewall inside a church or hall, providing space for an audience or musicians. 

So for purposes of a Mediumship Gallery a Gallery is what we call a group gathering where the Medium stands or sits in front of the group and gives Mediumship Readings (readings from Spirit).

In England these are called Platform Readings. The reasoning being that in England Mediumship messages are given in church where the Medium will actually be on the Platform at the front of the church giving readings.

What is "Talking With Spirit?"

Talking with Spirit Mediumship Galleries are Mediumship readings with me giving readings in a group setting.

What is a Readings?

In Mediumship we do Readings (messages from loved ones in Spirit) usually in private sittings. Just you and the Medium. In a Gallery setting we do Readings (messages from your loved ones in Spirit) in a group or Gallery setting.

What is a Spirit?

A Spirit for purposes of a Mediumship Gallery is your loved one who has crossed over into the Spirit World/the great beyond/the other side/thru the veil/heaven. For me Spirit may be my Spirit Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Ancients, Ascended Masters Angels, Archangels, Saints.

What about being scared? Will you bring in dark spirits, bad things, the devil?

Without getting into religion, No. I do not bring in anything mean, bad, dark or evil. I work in a high vibrational level. To be able to talk with Spirit you must raise your vibrational level to be able to connect with Spirit. I contact and communicate with the Creator regularly and on a very high spirital level. If it is not in our highest good they do not come into my realm. Unless you are afraid of your loved ones no you should not worry about being afraid.

I work with Spirit (my Guides and loved ones) to bring you messages from your loved ones. I work with my spirit guides, healer guides, loved ones, ancestors, ancients, ascended masters, angels, archangels and saints and above all the Creator.

Mediumship work is work for the good of all mankind. It is the ability to be able to bring you messages from your loved ones in Spirit. Messages of love, messages of how they are doing. They are not dead. They are just no longer in our human world. They are Spirit. They still love you. And when you come to me or any other medium to receive a message from your loved one they have gone to a lot of work to get you to a Medium to receive a message from them. They are trying their hardest to get a message to you about how much they love you and appreciate you and know you love them. There is nothing dark or evil about any of this. 

Those of us who do this have dedicated our lives to this work.  My father was a Methodist minister in this lifetime and he and my mother are very much a part of my work in the Spirit world.  They are my guides, helpers, loved ones in Spirit and they help organize settings and work with me to bring messages to you from your loved ones in Spirit.  I know I am loved and protected and safe.

A Medium's work is all about messages of love from your loved ones. When we leave this world and cross over into the world of Spirit our souls are still very much alive and still very much care about those who loved us on this earth plane.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin