Sunday, June 25, 2017


JUNE 26 - JULY 2, 2017

Can July already be here?  It seems summer just started and here we are already in the middle of summer.  Hot days, summer heat, children out of school.

Fall is just around the corner and it seems life is whizzing by.  Life seems so temporary these days.

There are a lot of things happening these days that are unsettling.  Lots of robberies, break ins, the world is unsettled.  People are desperate.  The divide between the haves and the have nots is getting bigger and bigger.

It is so important to remember to love all living things.  Hard to fathom people doing cruel things to people, babies, animals.  Why would anyone want to be cruel to animals and babies?  But it is happening. You see it on the news and on fb everyday.
Could it be that it has always happened or is it escalating?  It is important to remember to be kind.  

I saw a movie on my birthday Beatriz at Dinner.  It was thought provoking.  Men who live only for profit and wealth.  Men who don't care whose lives they destroy to make money.  Ecosystems disrupted, wildlife destroyed, villages swept away to build something no one wanted in the first place.  And didn't succeed.  And the people who follow them blindly around to make money because the company wants their services.

And the healers whose eyes weep because they hurt for all those things lost. 

It is difficult to live in a world of pain and suffering and greed and cruelty.  Those healers who see all the bad things done to innocents hurt.  

What do you do?  Do you heal as much as you can?  Do you hide your head in the sand and try not to think about it?  Do you become a vigilante and destroy the destroyers?  A conundrum at best.  A losing battle at worst.  Do you let it destroy you?

Healers are waking up.  This journey is not for the weak.  It can destroy you for sure.  It is easy to let your dismay and heartbreak for the ones being affected turn to hate.  But then the callus heartless money changer has won.  

Everyone is on their own journey.  Live your life.  Speak your truth.  Judge no one.  And love.  Love mankind.  Love the animals.  They are here to heal us.  
Creek Lady Healer
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Monday, June 5, 2017



This is a volatile time.  People are questioning, some are fearful, some are hateful, some are judgmental.  All are transitioning.  Not from this world but in a way yes.  

This is a time to care for yourself.  Be good to yourself.  Value yourself.  When someone is mean to you or judgmental of you it is hurtful.  Even if you do treat yourself well and give everyone your best you, it is hurtful.  

Remember when someone is judgmental of you it is not about you.  It is about them.  Everyone has opinions about everyone.  That is not your truth it is their truth.  

Just know that you are the only one qualified to value you.  No one knows you like you know you.  

When you are an empath or sensitive you feel others emotions deeply.  And these opinions can hurt.  Everyone wants to be liked.  It is difficult to immediately NOT be liked.  Especially when it is someone who does not know you at all. Those are the kinds of emotions that run through you.

All you can know is that you know who you are.  You know your true being.  You know you are a good, kind and caring person.  It doesn't matter if someone does not see your true potential, your true self.  You matter to you.

Every person sees a version of themselves in everyone else.  Those things that irritate you about someone is that part of you that needs to be released.