Monday, June 5, 2017



This is a volatile time.  People are questioning, some are fearful, some are hateful, some are judgmental.  All are transitioning.  Not from this world but in a way yes.  

This is a time to care for yourself.  Be good to yourself.  Value yourself.  When someone is mean to you or judgmental of you it is hurtful.  Even if you do treat yourself well and give everyone your best you, it is hurtful.  

Remember when someone is judgmental of you it is not about you.  It is about them.  Everyone has opinions about everyone.  That is not your truth it is their truth.  

Just know that you are the only one qualified to value you.  No one knows you like you know you.  

When you are an empath or sensitive you feel others emotions deeply.  And these opinions can hurt.  Everyone wants to be liked.  It is difficult to immediately NOT be liked.  Especially when it is someone who does not know you at all. Those are the kinds of emotions that run through you.

All you can know is that you know who you are.  You know your true being.  You know you are a good, kind and caring person.  It doesn't matter if someone does not see your true potential, your true self.  You matter to you.

Every person sees a version of themselves in everyone else.  Those things that irritate you about someone is that part of you that needs to be released.