Wednesday, May 31, 2017



Take a moment and sit in stillness.  The world seems to be spinning out of control.  There are higher highs and lower lows.  Angry people seem so out of control.  People are lashing out.  Anger is fear out of control.

Remember that feeling of peace, tranquility and love. Look into the eyes of the children and remember they learn from us.  When you are angry and getting ready to lash out think about how you would feel if someone was behaving that way to your child?

Remember everyone is someone's child.  Every being on this planet is a living breathing creature.  No one is more important than the next creature.  

Practice kindness.  Practice empathy for your fellow man, woman, child, animal, bird, creepy crawler.  We are all just trying to exist in this world.  Man does not own the rights to be superior to anyone.  

Please say a prayer, think a thought, have a feeling for the ascension of our souls to  that higher place so that we may rid our lives our existence of cruelty, anger, hatred, fear.

May your lives and the lives of your loved ones be filled with peace, and love.  Fill your heart with love so that your ascension may begin.

Creek Lady Healer