Monday, May 1, 2017



I am a full time shaman healer and psychic medium. This is what I do for a living.  I have devoted my life and all my time and energy to working with people. I am trained in Peruvian Inca Shaman healing, Japanese Reiki Healing, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Healing, Akashic Records Readings, Mediumship and most importantly my own Native American, indigenous cultures healing.  Now I am not a traditional Mvskoke medicine woman.  I am a blend of traditional healing and new age healing.  I use DoTerra Essential Oils to blend for healing.  And old timey, back woods healing.

Now regarding why I charge.  I will tell you what my guides and ancestors told me. 

I do this for a living at their request. I am their spokesperson. I was called to do this work.

My ancestors and guides asked me to step up and do healings and readings. They told me I must make a living wage. They set my hourly rate. (Which most of the time I do not charge.  My special rate is not what they asked me to charge).  It is much more.  

They reminded me I have spent an exorbitant amount of money traveling to study healing and mediumship. Airfare, hotels, classes, expenses such as food, taxis, time away from home, my family, my day job. 

People come to me so I have to have a space for people to see me and to keep the electric on and water and such. I spend a great amount of time getting prepared for a client.  Not only do I clean my house for company, I put my place in sacred space, meditate and sit with the guides about what I need to do for the client/clients I am about to see.

We do not do this in a church setting in Oklahoma as is done in England so we are not covered by the church.  We do this solo, on our own, at our own expense. We do not have luxury of having a space to work in.  If we do not work at home (inviting people we do not know into our living space) we must rent a place and pay a percentage to the owners for the space or open our own store front and pay all the expenses associated with such a store front business.

I was told to set my prices. Tell the client up front what my prices are. Tell the client what I charge is my karma, what you pay is yours.  I tell the client to stop me when they need to. I tell them what time it is when I begin. Then I start.  

I talk A LOT.  I was also told do not discount the time you spend talking.  You are teaching.  We are giving you the words to say for their healing.  Charge by the hour not by the service.  If you know me, you know I most often have specials and do a one set fee for healings and one set fee for readings.  These can and do normally take much more time than an hourly fee.

What is also important to understand is that when we as healers and mediums do this we run the risk of making ourselves sick by not honoring what we have been asked to do.

I don't count the money. I have the client put the money in my basket of healing stones. I leave the money there to cleanse away any outside karma from all those places money has traveled and when I need it I pick it up and use it.

My ancestors told me that they asked me to do this work. I had another livelihood.  I had another career. Two previous careers actually. I could have stayed in either career and made a good living and never delved into Shaman Healing and Mediumship.

Never feel guilty for charging for what you do. It is an exchange of energy. And this is important.  Healing should be an exchange of energy.  The recipient always should be a part of this healing experience. Someone who just takes and doesn't reciprocate doesn't feel they are a part of the healing exchange and will not accept the healing so the healing will not be successful.

I was raised by a Methodist minister.  I was told once that I should be ashamed for charging.  That this is a God given gift and churches don't charge.  It should be given with love and shouldn't be paid for.  I can tell you Ministers are given a salary.  And parishioners tithe 10% of their salary.  The lights, heat and buildings that are churches cost money to keep up so churches can have services.  Ministers have lives to pay for and families to provide for.  I know for a fact that everything that a minister does as a minister comes at a cost.  A minister may not say the cost for a wedding is $200, but money will be exchanged for the time and knowledge and minister provides to officiate at a wedding.  The same goes for funerals, baptisms, and weekly services. Now depending on the church you are affiliated with, it may be a paltry sum or it may be a fortune.

But the most important fact for you to know is that my job on this earth and this lifetime is to teach. This is what I have been put on this earth to do is be a teacher.  

It is also important to remember about karma and judgment. I do not judge those who do not charge. Or those who charge more or less than I do. Everyone is on their own journey. Those of us who are tasked with doing this for a living it is our responsibility to charge so we may make a living.

And my ancestors will take care of me.