Thursday, March 12, 2015



A Spirit Circle is a group of people (Shamans, Healers, Mediums, Psychics and students) who are working to raise their vibrational levels to be able to go beyond the limitations of this physical world to connect with Spirit such as loved ones, guides, angels, archangels or ascended masters.

When some people see the phrase Spirit Circle they think "séance" instead of Spirit Circle, in truth there is nothing to be afraid of but the fears of your own imagination, or the fears of others. As we increase our light in knowledge, wisdom and love, we overcome all fears.

Typically in Spirit circles those who are experienced with spiritual "sittings", "channelings" and "readings" will be able to give messages.  And although this sometimes may happen in our Spirit Circle these circles are "working circles" where everybody participates.

We do Spirit Circles to increase our ability to connect with Spirit.  We also do this work in a Spirit Circle to be able to blend our energies with each other and that of Spirit to experience a stronger energy and be able to know that stronger energy to work toward experiencing that energy on our own.  

Those of us who who are already working healers and mediums or those who are working to become healers and mediums use this time to receive our own messages from our guides, angels or masters to facilitate our growth in our abilities and messages to help us in our journeys.

And since we also like to have fun this is also a time for getting together and visiting and enjoying each other's company.  So in the realm of get togethers we also do a potluck dinner.  First we eat, then we sit in meditation and then we sit in the power of Spirit and receive our own messages.  And then because my main mission in life is healing we do healing for ourselves and send healing out to the world.

To all those who have asked for healing from me in the past, or who are asking for healing from me now or will ask for healing from me in the future if you are open and ready to receive healing I send you healing now.  

Creek Lady Healer.  Mvto!