Friday, August 24, 2012


This was a message from my ancestors in spirit.  This was given to me during a trance message January 2012.

We are the People, 
We are the Ancestors, 
We are the Collective

We bring you word from the future
You must work to heal the earth

If you don't start now
the world won't be here 
for your children's children.

Mother Earth is crying, 
and only you can make this change

The world is in a turmoil
The water are polluted
Man is destroying everything

Work together as a people
And bring the change now
We ask, we beg, 
do what your ancestors could not do

Return to Earth
Listen to the trees, birds

We let people do this to the Earth
We ask you to help stop it before its too late

Help us change it, so the earth can live
so the rivers can run, so the grass can be green and the sky can be blue.

We are done.

Love and Light,
Creek Lady Healer
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