Thursday, September 12, 2013


I am always amazed at Spirit and the power of the messages we receive.  Last night's Spirit Circle was no exception.  I knew it was going to be about healing.  We usually send healing but last night's was more.  This was a special night for Spirit Circle.  I was called to have it on 9/11.  I was told it was the night to sit in the Power of Spirit.


I was guided during out meditation that the circle was about Love Healing Forgiveness and Joy.  We had a special guest with us last night.  A new friend from New Orleans.  She is a Shaman and very like minded. We all received similar message but each tailored to our specific needs.  The messages were very powerful.

During the time with Spirit I heard millions and millions of bells begin to ring.  It was the most amazing sound I ever heard.  When I asked what it was about I was told it was tribute by and for the souls of 9/11.  It went on for about what seemed like forever and then it ceased and then silence.  

One of my guides come through with a channeled message.  He said the world was on the precipice of a new day.  We all being shaman and healers are walking the path of healing.  We are all on the forefront of the this new journey.  Life is going to be different, simpler, more organic than it is now. Life will be different than what we now know.  Spirit tells us often we were chosen to be healers and shamans and mediums and that we are helped in tremendous ways by Spirit.  

People will come to us for help and direction and healing.  And we should send love and healing to everyone.  He asked us to send love and healing and forgiveness to all those impacted by 9/11.  All.

We prayed for healing for all of us in the circle.  And all our friends and family in the circle. And for those who couldn't be there last night.  For those who were sad, depressed, lonely, sick, tired, lost, worried, angry or frightened.  

We prayed for healing for the animals, creepy crawlers, the finned, furred and winged ones.  We prayed for Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, for the water and air and sky.  We prayed for our guides teachers and loved ones.  We prayed for our ancestors, ancients, ascended masters, angels and archangels and saints.  All those that help us all on a daily basis we prayed for healing. And we sent love.  Then we sent all that love, healing and energy out into the world for all that were ready to receive it.


Blessings to everyone,
Creek Lady Healer