Tuesday, June 24, 2014


(name courtesy of Bryan D. White, Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Akashic Record Intuitive and Munay-Ki Rites Shamanic Healer.

My journey as a Shaman Healer has been eventful and amazing! I am blessed to be able to teach what I have learned not only from those that walk this earth but more importantly from my spirit guides, helpers, teachers, and loved ones in spirit. Learning to trust what is not visible in front of you but in your mind's eye is tantamount to becoming a conduit, a vessel, a channel for spirit to help us as a human race. I teach healing classes all year round but once a year I teach another kind of class. I only teach it once a year and those who are wanting more, needing to step into their power as a healer take this class. This class is not written in any books. I did not learn what I teach from a manual or from a teacher living on this earth. The lineage is from spirit. Spirit lineage. What a concept! Native American healers, Incan healers, Japanese Reiki Masters, Ancients, Ascended Masters. This is my lineage as a healer.

I am still learning, still a student. But I have also been told from spirit that I must teach and teaching teaches me to be a better student and a better healer. A few years ago when I went on this solo journey (I am not alone however because I have many many many spirit teachers walking this journey with me) I was told to teach as many people as possible as quickly as possible because this earth was going to need many healers very soon. And they would be needed all over the world. And this was an urgent request from spirit so you know what is coming is coming.

And so I began my bold journey to teach what spirit is teaching me. I don't however seek people out. I was told by spirit that students would find me. And when they were ready they would show up and learn. So I trust. And I don't push. And I teach those that stand in front of me ready to work and ready to learn and ready to step into their being as a healer. So this is my account of my class from this past weekend. My birthday weekend. I spend it working with healers. What a lovely way to spend my birthday, immersed in healing and spirit and family and loved ones and students, healers and friends.

Well what a lovely weekend we had! It was an amazing experience of the making of a full fledged confident shaman healer! Kathy Gardenour-Conklin was my student this weekend at the Mesa Carriers class. (If you have been through the Medicine Circle or Medicine Wheel class this is the next level of teaching) I did different teachings from last year so nothing was repeated.

Not only did she step into her being as a Shaman Healer fully versed, fully confident, we got to experience Yuchi life during green corn ceremonies and the Iowa Tribe's yearly powwow. Beautiful times (not much sleep). But lots of fun! We met and got to be a part of the lives of so many beautiful people this past weekend. And Kathy got to go into the circle at the powwow and dance! And such a brave soul as she is with me!  Dancing next to me sniping at her don't do that!  Don't bounce!  Just walk!  When the music wants to take you every other way!  (I later explained that every style and every dress has a specific dance step and movement and it was important if she was to stand with me she not look like a touristy white person out there in the circle.)  The parade in at the beginning of the evening was an amazing site to see. All of the different styles of dancers coming in in huge groups. It is definitely something you don't see every day. And we met a medicine woman from the Pine Ridge Reservation AND Kathy finally got her hand drum! 

Kathy got to do some intense hands on healing, a remote healing, reiki healing and working on teacher -- that's me!  In addition we worked with Twin Flame Stones, the business of healing, working with our spirit guides, meeting new healer guides, and my mean ole guides. Talk about intimidating! But Kathy did an amazing job of listening to all of them and learning what they had to teach her. Kathy learned how to round out her healing business with energy share chaneling and spirit guide assessments. We did spirit circles and sitting in the power of spirit and sending remote healing. We prayed rain (and it worked!), we made medicine bags. We even did ecstatic trance.  Ecstatic trance is always a trip -- literally!

Kathy even learned how to run the various things you will do as a full fledged shaman. Having me one on one was probably an intense weekend for Kathy. What a learning experience for both of us!

Blessings Kathy! Congratulations on coming into your being! Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey!  And thank you for spending my birthday weekend with me!