Thursday, October 20, 2016


YOU are our voice
our spokesperson.
YOU are the ones
WE need to make the world understand.
WE are watching this experience,
this scene, this event unfold
WE will help you,
let us
THE corruption of man is imminent
YOU must be our voice
tell the world to stop the destruction
STOP the violence
STOP the hate
STOP the wars
THE annihilation of man
or you will no longer exist
WE as ancients can clear
the dark
the negative
the evil
off the face of this Earth
WE are the wards
the Guardians
the caretakers
WE will come to a time
when we will have had enough
THEN it will stop
TELL them
TELL man
IT's your choice
THE children
THEY remember
THEY remember
THEY know the lesson
THIS will be in their lifetime
TELL them
WE are not benevolent beings
WE will only wait so long
THE prophecy of Doom is real
TELL them
TELL the world
TELL the people
TELL the humans

THAT is all.