Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Fear and worry are the cornerstones of hate.

It is so easy to let yourself be swayed in a negative way.

Pain and anguish are the physical manifestations of all the negative feelings accepted by a person, a being, a human.

Please keep in your mind the feelings of love, peace, joy and honor.

There are lower energies of people in this world that want you to stoop to their level.  The lower level energies of hate, anger, fear, anxiety and hopelessness and despair.

Breathe, be present in the stillness of the breath.  Allow yourself to know that peace, that calm, that stillness.

Whatever your belief system, know that you are good.  Know that you are kind.  Know that you are honorable.  Know that you are not alone in this world. 

Your ancestors love you.  Your ancestors watch over you. 

Tell them you love them.  Thank them for keeping you safe.  Ask them to surround you in their love.  Know you are home with them.  

Keep that peace in your heart.