Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Our Earth and we as people have been through many upheavals lately.  Some have felt it more than others.

People are beginning to awaken and see that there is more out there in life than our daily stress filled worlds.  The individual person has daily joys and pains and loves and heartaches.  We have experienced loss of family and living situations.  Our ideas and ideals have been shattered.

The world, our dear Mother Earth, is at a crossroads.  We can live in hate or we can live in love.  Now is the time of new beginnings.  To take what we know and decide to live in peace.  It will not be easy because there are many who still live in that space of hate, vengefulness and fear.

If you are ready to live in love, peace, joy and happiness make that commitment to cast aside all the bitterness and negativity that goes with living in the dark and embrace the light.

I was told yesterday and will tell you now.  Every person on this planet has done things they regret.  Every person on this planet has secrets they don't want anyone to know.  Now is the time to cast all that aside.  Forgive yourself.  Ask for forgiveness.  Even if you can't ask in person ask it anyway.  The Universe will hear you.  Make a commitment to live your life a different way.  Walk your walk.  Be the person you wish you could be.  

Doing the ultimate is always scary.  Your dreams are on the other side of fear.  

Take that first step and step into love.  This is the time for a new beginning.

Creek Lady Healer