Monday, October 9, 2017



This message is being sent through me from my guides and ancestors in spirit.

We are all in the process of going through changes, ascensions, enlightenment and clearing of our pasts, the things that are weighing us down.

I am talking mainly to and about the people that work with the spirit world.  

Shamans who do healings work directly with our hierarchy in spirit (our ancestors and healer guides) to bring about healing, 

Healers also do healings but not in the shaman realm.  

Mediums communicate with spirit, loved ones who have passed from this earth existence.

There are as many different types of healers and mediums as there are healers and mediums.  Each and every one of us has our own unique abilities and gifts.

We all work in our own individual way.  We all come from different lineages and backgrounds.  Some of us have no history in this line of work but are fascinated and therefore learn the processes.

Some of us come from a long lineage of healers and mediums.  We are born with these abilities and hone them to do our life's work.

It is important to remember that we are put here on this earth to do this work.  If you are being called to do this work it is because you are supposed to do this work.  

And it is work.  It may be considered a god given gift but it is also work.  We devote our lives to do this work of healing.  And it is all healing.  

I have been told many times.  

Healing is Mediumship and Mediumship is Healing.

Just what does this mean?  

Well to be a healer is to be a go between, between this world and the spirit world.  That does not mean anything other than we allow healing to channel through us to affect healing.  In other words we are the hands for the healers in spirit.

A medium connects with the spirit world to bring messages of love and healing to the person in need of messages from their loved ones in spirit.

Both are healing modalities.  

And yes we are doing the work of spirit.  God, Jesus, the One, the All, the Creator.  Whatever your belief system is, we do the work for the spirit world.

I was called to do this work.  I was asked by my ancestors to do this work.  I am also advised by the ancestors on how to do this work, when to work, who to work on and how much to charge.  So when folks ask me how or why I do something in particular or can I be sure I can heal someone I am not sure what to say other than I am divinely guided to do this work.  And if you are talking to me about healing you need done spirit has sent you to me.

I must have faith that healing will work.  You must have faith that healing will work.  

It is also important to remember that we can heal but we cannot cure.  So if you are dealing with an issue that you have that is unresolved you can pull the disease or issue back to you.  It is important that we deal with the issue at hand and try to help the person resolve the undealt with issue to make sure they have released the negative part of them that pulled the disease to them in the first place.

And I firmly believe we must all support each other!  I have been hearing a lot of folks talking about others, backstabbing and trying to belittle or negate others abilities or journeys.  More among the mediumship realm than the healer realm I suspect.  Maybe its because mediums learn how to communicate but don't always go through a healing process we all do as shaman healers to become healers.

But I see it among healers also.  Maybe its because we are walking that fine tight rope of business people and healer. (and yes we do charge - which is an exchange of energy) there must be an exchange of energy and money is an energy and is tantamount to our way of life these days.  

On a personal note this has happened to me more times than I care to count.  And it hurts.  Trust me it hurts.  To have someone turn their back on you when you believe them to be a friend.  And when others believe what has been said it makes your heart hurt.  

And, as with children, you usually only hear the last thought of an entire thought process  So if you have heard something that would color your belief about them my advise is to go to the source.  Ask them.  And trust your judgment.  I hear negative words about people all the time.  I trust my judgment.  If I know what I believe about a person what someone says about them does not color my opinion.  It is kind of like movies.  I never let a reviewer color my  opinion of a movie.  And most of my favorite movies have been destroyed by reviewers.  It is just someone else's opinion.

And remember we are all human.  When something hurtful is said we as humans hurt.  So also be kind.  And remember there are 3 truths.  Theirs, yours and the one in the middle.  Humans always color their perceptions to their own thinking.  

I have given up a lot to do what I do.  I have devoted my life to this work.  But it was my decision to make.  And I made it wholeheartedly and I love what I am being allowed to do.

While it is important to remember to know who we are and be proud of who we are and our jobs here on this earth plane it is also just as important to remember to be humble.  These gifts we encompass and employ can disappear as easily as they came to us.  Use them wisely.  Be mindful.  Be humble.  

And also remember the only thing that is important in this world is LOVE.  

Creek Lady Healer