Saturday, March 31, 2018



I am asked all the time...

"What does a Remote Healing Session entail, how does it happen and is it really as effective as an in person session"?  

I know there are those that much prefer in person sessions as do I.  But remote sessions are very effective because you are made up of an energy body and energy knows no boundaries.  I work differently as an in person session but the results are as beneficial as in person.

I do a remote shaman healing which encompasses using all my healing modalities. Shaman healing, reiki healimg, lomi lomi healing and my native healing. Anything mental, emotional, physical or spiritual from this lifetime or any other lifetime can be healed.

The actual healing takes an hour or more and I record what I do and send you the recording. I set an appt with you. I text or email you when I begin and again when I finish.