Monday, June 27, 2016


Wow what a weekend! I don't know where to begin. It was blessed, it was magical! What a beautiful group of ladies!

Those of you who came and hung in there I thank you!  Those of you who couldn't come you really missed a journey.  We missed you and hope you can join us in the future.

This was my once a year Mesa Carrier's Weekend.  This weekend the people who have gone through Medicine Wheel class come together and go further than the Medicine Wheel, Shaman Healer's class.  Its a weekend of healing and experiences beyond what we have learned before.  This is the weekend we experience outside the box.

We stomp danced. And this was my first attempt as shaking cans this year. It was so much fun we stayed much longer than I thought we would. My ladies hung in there and did not shy away.

We had the wonderful Nelson Harjo Sr take us through making our own flutes and very patiently teaching us how to play them. He is a very very patient man! And we got to hear some wonderful stories!

We joined my Sac & Fox sister and her mother and experienced a sweat. Wow what an experience! Everyone was so kind. And so much good food, yum!

And we did our own ceremonies, praying rain, Pachamama Despacho, Spirit Flights, Ecstatic Trance and most importantly we healed.

We did healings on each other, one on one, in groups, others remotely and in person. Lots and lots of healing! And we got lots of messages from spirit.

It was a good good weekend!

Creek Lady Healer