Monday, July 11, 2016


I want to say something on this page. Please be clear I am on this journey as a healer to heal whoever is in need of healing and I offer my services as my journey, my path, my choice. 

I was recently sent a request for healing, then told that all the previous healers had put hexes on this person and was making that person worse. And that this person had gotten into a horrible argument with each and every one of the healers contacted for healing. And that each healer had bilked this person out of hundred of dollars in doing their "so called healing".

Now anyone who in good faith wants me to work with them I will. But I do draw the line at people who ask for my healing then tell me I will only do a small percentage of healing if at all and then hex them and take them for large amounts of money. And if I don't agree to do a healing for them I am of the devil.

Now I understand full well that whatever darkness is in this person is doing the talking for this person.

Now I cannot speak for whoever this person has previously seen. But know that I am a lightworker, a conduit for the hierarchy in spirit. I do not work negatively. Any darkness I see I work with positivity, love and light to heal. I am a very spiritual person and I speak with the Creator on a daily basis.

And one of the hardest things to do in life is to release negativity and allow in positivity. A person can only heal if they want to heal. This concept is very hard to understand if you have been mired in negativity and darkness.

"I surround myself in love and protection. Anything that is not for my highest good cannot be anywhere near me, my loved ones, my house, my pets or anywhere in my life. I am love, I am light, I am peace. So shall it be."

Creek Lady Healer.