Thursday, January 18, 2018



I am Nancy Scott Fields aka Creek Lady Healer. I am a Mvskoke (Creek) and Cherokee native. I am a shaman healer (that is not a native term by the way) and a Talking With Spirits person.

I am a country woman with horses, dogs and cats. I am a healer full time and take appointments and teach healing and mediumship.

I am a blend of traditional native medicine people and what my medicine men friends lovingly call new age bull shit. :)

Instead of mixing medicines (traditional) I use essential oils and dried herbs and foods.

I work on the energy field surrounding a persons body to heal mental, spiritual, emotional and physical issues from this lifetime or any other lifetime.

I read the Akashic records, I am trained in Japanese Reiki, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Inca Shaman Energy Healing, and native american traditional ancestor healing. I bring rain and wind and split storms.  I talk to the trees and animals and creepy crawlers.

I sit on a council of ancestors in spirit who guide me on my journey. I also talk with my ancestors and healer guides on a daily basis and confer with my hierarchy in spirit on how to heal and how to advise. I can also talk with your loved ones.

My journey in this world, this lifetime is to teach what I know. Healing this world one person at a time!

Mvto! Aho! Blessings! Namaste! Mahalo! Amen!

Nancy Scott Fields
Creek Lady Healer
918-671-9818 cell